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DENTAL PRODUCT SHOPPER Evaluates Beyond Dental's StayWhite System:

StayWhite Take-Home Tray Whitening Kit

StayWhite Take-Home Tray Whitening Kit

BEYOND Dental and Health

StayWhite whitens teeth in just 14 days with a once-daily protocol of only 1 hour.

StayWhite from BEYOND Dental whitens teeth in 14 days, with visible results in only 5 days. The proprietary 6% hydrogen peroxide gel is formulated to rapidly oxidize stains deep inside the enamel, and does so safely and without sensitivity.

The take-home whitening tray is worn for only 1 hour per day, eliminating messy overnight use. A single 1-hour treatment per month is recommended for maintenance after the initial 14-day protocol.

Each whitening kit contains six 2.6 mL syringes of whitening gel, 2 sheets of StayWhite EVA impression tray material, a protective storage case for custom trays, a zippered carrying case with mirror, and a multilingual instruction manual. The gel is available in 3 palatable flavors—orange, vanilla, and mint.

Ease of Use

To use, the patient puts a drop of the whitening gel into the tooth compartments, places the trays snugly over the top and bottom teeth, and removes any excess gel. The trays are removed after 1 hour and any remaining gel is rinsed or brushed away. Transparent syringes with dosage marking facilitate application.

When the 14 dentists who evaluated StayWhite were asked about ease of use, 7 rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 2 rated it as fair to poor. Four evaluators said the syringe tip was too large and dispensed too much gel too quickly, with 1 evaluator calling it “messy and hard to control.” Another evaluator suggested including “illustrated photos to show patients how to dispense the product.” Other suggested improvements included “coloring the bleach so you can see it better for placement and removal” and patient requests for a take-home shade guide and more whitening material in the kit. One evaluator, who gave the kit an overall rating of very good, called the amount of included whitening material “a bonus.”

Four dentists cited ease of use as the feature they liked most. “I like offering and effective gel with a lower percentage of peroxide to reduce the potential caustic effects of overuse or improper use,” said a New York dentist with 32 years of experience.

Patient Satisfaction (Results and Sensitivity)

The standard StayWhite treatment protocol ensures excellent results in even the most difficult cases and the gentle formula minimizes the risk of sensitivity. Patient satisfaction was rated as excellent by 1 evaluator, as very good by 7, and as good by 6. One evaluator, in practice for 42 years, said he “got somewhat better results with the 20% carbamic peroxide overnight system,” adding, “I like the overnight system but patients probably like [wearing the tray for] less time.” One dentist said it “whitened well” and another was “able to obtain a desirable result with improved tooth shades.”

Patient sensitivity was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, as very good to good by 10, and as fair by 1. One evaluator said “many patients reported sensitivity issues.” Another evaluator reported that “2 patients discontinued whitening after just a few days because of gingival tenderness and sloughing.” One dentist reported “no reports of any significant discomfort or sensitivity,” and another noted, “Patients said the bleach didn’t burn.”

Of the 9 evaluators who commented on the packaging, 1 said “more attractive packaging would be beneficial.” The remaining 8 cited it as their favorite feature, with one evaluator reporting “very good packaging and presentation... very appealing to all users.” Another evaluator said it was “very slick…looks good when you hand it to a patient.”


BEYOND StayWhite comes in orange, vanilla, and mint flavors. Taste/ flavor was rated as excellent by 3 evaluators, as very good by 5, as good by 4, and as fair by 2. One dentist said “the taste wasn’t good,” another reported “variable feedback,” and a third said “some patients complained,” adding “flavor choice is good as taste is often the most negative aspect of bleaching systems.” An Ohio dentist in practice for 2 years said, “The choices were great and the flavoring was a good idea but they were too subtle.” Six evaluators identified taste/flavor choice as the feature they liked most; 1 noted that “patients and staff really love the choice of flavors.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with BEYOND StayWhite was rated as excellent by 1 evaluator, as very good by 9, as good by 3, and as fair by 1. Ten dentists said they would definitely or probably purchase the system and 11 said they would definitely or probably recommend it to colleagues.

Link to the full article:  http://www.dentalproductshopper.com/staywhite-take-home-tray-whitening-kit

Cosmetic Dentist in New York Discusses Latest White Smile Diet Trend

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

According to recent statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), teeth whitening procedures have increased during the last five years by over 300%. The latest AACD member poll also reports that 77% of dentists predict that teeth whitening will be the top office procedure for 2011. Dr. Michael Kosdon, a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, says that he has seen a similar increase in the procedure and suggests that the growth is likely a result of the increased awareness of bright smiles from celebrities and subsequent media emphasis. While professional procedures are still the most effective treatment, Dr. Kosdon recommends several dieting tips for naturally whitening teeth and improving dental health.

At his New York City cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Michael Kosdon says teeth whitening has significantly grown in popularity in the last five years, an observation reflected by statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) stating that procedures in teeth whitening have increased over 300% since 2006. A recent AACD member poll also reports that 77% of dentists in the association believe teeth whitening will be the top office procedure for 2011, overtaking dental bonding as the most popular. In addition to professional dental procedures, Dr. Kosdon recommends regular and thorough oral hygiene paired with a healthy diet to maintain a bright smile. While certain drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and soda are known to stain teeth, Dr. Kosdon lists several foods that can help aid in the natural whitening of teeth.

Dr. Kosdon says that foods like apples, celery, and cauliflower work like nature’s toothbrush to scrub away plaque buildup because of their crunchy texture. He adds that they also stimulate saliva production, preventing stains from adhering to teeth. Oranges, pineapples, and strawberries, Dr. Kosdon says, contain acid that may help whiten the surface of teeth while killing bacteria and fighting against tooth decay and bad breath. He also recommends eating yogurt or cheese because they contain proteins that aid in the prevention of harmful, cavity-causing acids binding to teeth. These foods are also packed with vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, which can provide teeth with additional strength.

Whether patients are looking for cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers or simply routine checkups and general dentistry, Dr. Kosdon says that focusing on proper dental hygiene and oral health is the first and foremost concern. He adds that if patients desire additional cosmetic enhancement from professional teeth whitening procedures, seeking out a dental professional who is experienced and passionate about patient care can ensure the best results. “A sensible, well balanced diet can have an impact on your oral well-being in many ways. Eating healthy should be considered part of maintaining a beautiful smile, just like brushing and flossing.”

How to Become Recognized as THE Cosmetic Dentist in Your Community Part 1

October 25, 2011...

As you know “cosmetic dentistry” is not a recognized specialty. That creates an interesting challenge for dentistswho truly want to be recognized as providing outstanding cosmetic dental care.

Taking CE courses and affiliating yourself with an established aesthetic dental society is one step – but that does not help brand you as a cosmetic dentist. So the question remains — How do you stand out in the crowd in a professional, ethical way?

I don’t know how you feel about “selling” dentistry.

I personally am not comfortable with selling anything. If I liked to sell I would have gone into a different vocation. However I realize that a successful practice is based upon providing services that can benefit our patients.

That’s why I developed the following 3 Step No Selling strategy -

1. Inform.
Too often, it’s the little things we don’t do that can have a negative result in case acceptance. Putting more emphasis on informing your patients about the changes in their oral health, new products and supporting research can greatly influence their confidence in you.

2. Power-Educate.
Don’t just educate, Power-Educate. Just because you have a DVD rolling in your reception room doesn’t mean you’re educating. When the patient is in the chair, take that time to help them understand their dental condition. For example, when they have a diastema between their central incisors, be sure to tell your patient that while orthodontia is one treatment to consider, they also might benefit by having veneers. Explain the benefits and liabilities of both options. That helps “power” educate your patients so they can make an informed decision. Remember, everything you see is an opportunity to help your patients become master students about their oral health.

3. Motivate.
When informing and educating you help patients understand what they have to gain. Once your patient appreciates that they can afford to proceed with work as well as how your service can benefit them through more self-confidence, they become self-motivated. Many patients postpone cosmetic treatment because of a breakdown in Steps 1 or 2 above. When that occurs you seldom end up with a motivated patient. The result all too often is hearing your patient say, “Let me think about it.”

If you are bitten by the cosmetic dentistry bug and want to become recognized as one of the truly talented cosmetic dentists in your area then it’s time for you to step up your cosmetic program. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing with you some of the strategies that have been implemented by my dentist clients around the country. You can also find related information that I share in articles in Dentistry Today and Dental Products Report.

I’m sure you realize that it requires more than just taking courses or joining a cosmetic dental society to create a cosmetically focused dental practice. It requires dedication to achieving your goal – and the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry will help you do exactly that with these articles – and it will be a fun and profitable journey – best of all your patients will be the beneficiary of our program.

You have my word on that.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you will find in the next edition of How To Become Recognized As The Cosmetic Dentist In Your Community:

5 Action Steps That Create Instant Demand For Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Creating Self Awareness through a Self Evaluation of your Practice
2. Scrap the Tabloids, Share some Smiles
3. Effective use of a Smile Analysis Form
4. Motivating Office Décor
5. Who’s your Smile Consultant?

Dr Silverman is the author of Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practices in Dental Products Report as well as Silverman On Smiles in Dentistry Today and is the inventor of the LifeLike Veneer System™ and the EasySmile Tooth Whitening System™ that will be available to dentists in 2012.