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Teeth Whitening Instructions For Starter Kits



About Whitening

In order to ensure maximum whitening performance, safety, and comfort, follow instrusctions carefully.  Clinical studies show that you can expect significant shade changes in just 5 days.  Your results may bary due to the nature of the discoloration found in your teeth.  If teeth are discolored as a result of Tetracycline, fluorosis, or more difficult stains, trays may be worn for a longer time upon your dentist's recommendation.  Radiant Smile will not change the appearance of fillings, crowns, or veneers. 

As always it is recommended that users of whitening products see their dental professional on a regular basis for checkups and discuss the use of any whitening products with their dentist. 

For Optimal Results

  • Follow instructions carefully.
  • Brush teeth and rinse, before and after each treatment.
  • Replace cap after each use.
  • Avoid using staining agents such as tobacco, coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and stain-causing foods such as dark colored berries during treatment period.
  • Store product in cool, dry place.


  1. PREP
    • Practice with Contour trays one at a time prior to forming impressions.
    • Place one tray on upper teeth.  Gently bite upper and lower teeth together and press tongue against the roof of mouth.
    • Practice sucking excess air and water away from the tray while at the same time pressing the outside and inside of the tray with tongue and fingers.
    • When heated, this will mold the trays to your teeth.  Repeat practice procedure on lower teeth.
  2. HEAT
    • Heat water in a suitable container until boiling.  Use a container deep enough so entire tray area can be immersed in water while holding the tab.
    • Remove container from heat source and ALLOW WATER TO COOL FOR ONE FULL MINUTE.
    • Hold one tray verticially by tab and immerse entire tray in water (except tab) for 6-8 seconds or until tray begins to lose shape.  BE CAREFUL, WATER IS STILL HOT. Avoid holding tray in hot water too long, causing tray sides to fold onto each other.
    • Lift tray vertically from water and allow excess water to run off.
    • Use finger to test temperature of tray.  DO NOT PLACE EXTREMELY HOT TRAYS IN MOUTH.
  3. FORM
    • Place tray on upper teeth.  Gently bite upper and lower teeth together and press tongue against the roof of your mouth.
    • Suck excess air and water away from the tray while at the same time pressing around the outside and inside of tray with tongue and fingers.
    • Leave in mouth for 15 seconds. Run under cool water.  Evaluate for comfort.  Repeat HEAT and FORM sets to refit if desired.  Repeat HEAT and FORM steps for lower teeth.
  4. TRIM
    • If desired you may use scissors to trim the tabs off the trays for added comfort.
    • You may also trim along the edge of the trays where the teeth and gums meet.  In doing so be careful not to trim into the area where the tooth has left an impression of the tray.  This may affect whitening results.
    • Proceed to Teeth Whitening Instructions


  1. PREP - Prepare your Contour Bleaching Trays according to the instructions.
  2. BRUSH - Brush teeth and rinse.
  3. APPLY - Apply a thin bead of Radiant Smile Teeth Whitening Gel to the inside front portion of your Contour upper and lower trasy.  Avoid overfilling with gel.  A small amount will deliver maximum whitening power.
  4. WHITEN - Carefully place gel-filled upper and lower trays over teeth.  Close mouth.  Avoid swallowing excess gel.  Remove trays after 30-60 minutes.
  5. TIME - Use once per day, 30-60 minutes for 5-7 days.  Trays should not be worn for longer than 60 minutes per treatment.  DO NOT WEAR WHILE SLEEPING.  Replace cap after each use.  Brush and rinse teeth after each treatment.  Clean trays with toothbrush and cool water.

Store product and Contour trays in a cool, dry place.  KEEP PRODUCT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.