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    Teeth Whitening Kits, Teeth Whitening LED Lights and Teeth Whitening Lamp Systems

    Teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening kits and at home teeth whitening with results in as little as 4 days. Guaranteed!

    Radiant Smile is far and away the best teeth whitening product on the market. Our product offers you the same high quality teeth whitening formula dentist offices around the world use.

    As a member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening , we take quality and performance serious! In our exclusive teeth whitening gel formula, Radiant Smile uses Carbamide Peroxide 22% for optimal whitening performance. This teeth whitening formula is optimized for the correct balance of maximum teeth whitening performance with a buffered Ph to reduce teeth and gum sensitivity and provide a fresh taste. This formula will give you a beautiful, radiant white smile in as little as four days.

    When using the exclusive Radiant Smile teeth whitening gel formula, you are receiving a professional strength teeth whitener. Your teeth can be stained for a variety of reasons including hereditary issues, food stains, such as coffee and tobacco, or even medications. But our exclusive Carbamine Peroxide 22% gel formula will remove these stains, giving you a beautiful Radiant Smile in four to seven days. For more information on our formula, visit our teeth whitening methods page.

    Our process makes teeth whitening convenient, easy, fast and affordable. Unlike the dentist office treatments that can range from $200 - $300, our laser or light therapy services can only range from $99 -$149. our at home teeth whitening treatment will give you the same professional results while saving you hundreds of dollars in lost wages and lost time commuting to and from the dentist office. One of Radiant Smile advantages is speed. The unreliable, less effective, low-end tooth whitening products sold at drugstores or supermarkets take up to two weeks before seeing results. The at-home tooth bleaching treatments you receive from your dentist take at least 5 days and up to 10 days to see their results.

    Radiant Smile teeth whitening takes as little as four days to see the results. Radiant Smile is made to the industry’s highest standards. Our formula, which uses the beaching agent Carbamide Peroxide 22%, has been tested and researched for over a decade. The Contour Bleaching Trays are uniquely designed and are easy to use. In minutes, you can make comfortable, easy to use trays. This feature can easily save you a hundred or more dollars over having them made in the dentist office, where they can take up to two weeks.

    The Radiant Smile at home teeth whitening starter kit comes with everything you need. Along with the easy to follow instructions, you get: 4 Radiant Smile 3 ml syringes (this gives you 24 applications), Contour bleaching trays (one lower, one upper), and a tray case. While supplies last, we are giving you a free micro fiber travel case with your starter kit. Radiant Smile is designed to be easy to use. In just five easy steps, you are closer to a beautiful white smile. Step one: contour your trays. Step two: Always brush your teeth before beginning. Step Three: Fill trays with Radiant Smile Formula. Step Four: insert the Contour Trays. Step Five: wait 30-60 minutes. Repeat this once a day for 4 -7 days. We are so sure that you will find the Radiant Smile teeth whitening product, the absolute best tooth whitener on the market, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. For more information about our product, visit our website at teeth whitening gel. Radiant Smile™ uses 22% Carbamide Peroxide, an effective, professional strength tooth whitener in an exclusive gel formula optimized for whitening performance and buffered ph to reduce sensitivity.

    We also supply laser or light therapy teeth whitening products for the home use as well as for the professional salon. We offer full training services for the spa operator at our facility located in Lewis Center, Ohio. Laser teeth whitening requires at least one treatment and you must get additional treatments to keep your teeth white. Call for information on our teeth whitening training programs in Columbus.
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